Receive wildflower plant babies with each purchase!

With each purchase you receive a plant baby AND glowing, healthy skin!? Sounds like a dream come true, count us in!

Each package is lovingly filled with recycled, recyclable, + biodegradable materials only. Our mission is to ensure our products speak for themselves - with no unnecessary waste involved. We pride ourselves in always keeping our precious Earth as our main priority. With each business card you receive, we are able to give back to our planet by planting these beautiful WILDFLOWERS!

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what our next harvest will bring :)



Beautiful Skin = Healthy Skin = Steli Skin

We vow to only use harmless ingredients that come from Mother Nature herself, with absolutely no harmful chemicals, or unnecessary additives. The power of plants goes beyond skincare - our focus is internal balance that is reflected on your physical being. We encourage our Angels to glow from within and lead conscious lifestyles, which will further reflect on their skin. We use ethically sourced, imported high quality ingredients straight from their Mother Land.

Our Steli Angels glow different.

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Where Nature Meets Nurture

Our mission? It’s simple.

Provide. Heal. Educate.

We believe health is wealth in every aspect. Steli encourages and promotes a different glow which stems from within. Our ingredients gently work together to create a glow remedy that gets to the root. We focus on the core - we create more than just eye candy, but rather skin food. Our products mend, nourish, and heal from within. Enhance your self care routine and embed on this beautiful journey of self love and rediscovery with us.

Rediscover your inner glow

Everything that we need, Nature so graciously provides for us. Steli Cosmetics seeks to provide our Angels with nothing but pure products with pure intentions. We create consciously with the Earth in mind.

You make us MELT

Have you heard of the Face Melt? More than just a moisturizer - After Dark will provide you with an unmatched glow, as it mends while it melts. Our 100% Natural formula and unique consistency will make this a staple in your routine

"I have finally found my forever moisturizer!"

- Every angel to ever exist

moisturize me

Recycled, waste free packaging. The earth is our first priority

Our company prides itself in our use of sustainable, biodegradable, eco conscious ingredients + supplies. Any plastic that we use is recycled. Do your part by getting creative and putting our glass jars to use even after you're done with your Steli!

Steli gets to the core

Internal health translates to external beauty. We promote wellness from within to inspire you to nurture your being to the fullest extent! All of our ingredients will get to the root of the problem to mend + detox impurities


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Revealing the best you that you never knew

Our ingredients come from the root of the healer, Mama Earth. We bring out your best inner glow + being with Nature!