Eros Face Melt™



Face Melt™

2 oz / 60 ml

Great for all skin types - made with oily, congested skin in mind

Eros - a love that you’ve never felt

A faster absorbing Face Melt™ with a mission - introducing Eros, with an amazing aroma that can only be described as a sweet Italian Ice. Your skin will quickly soak up our new formula, while still leaving behind the go Steli glow you all know & love. Eros sole purpose was to help with decongestion, inflammation, discoloration,  lack of glo-ation + stimulate collagen production. This Face Melt was designed for tougher, oily skin types that may experience excess build up in their pores.

While we focus on the fact that skincare is gender inclusive, men do in fact have a higher amount of androgens (testosterone), which causes an increase in skin thickness. Men have approximately 20 - 25% thicker skin than women. In general, men may age differently, produce more oil, and have a tougher texture. The lack of focus on the health of mens skin may cause congestion + lack of glow - which is of course, something we all want & need in our lives. While our products are naturally able to be used by both men and women, we would like to put emphasis on and personalize each experience!

Because men's sebaceous glands generally produce more sebum, the excess oil can lead to clogged pores + acne. We aim to be inclusive and create products for all skin types, read on to find out if this may be the perfect

Face Melt™ for you

Eros is high in antioxidants which is vital for youthful skin. The amazing components that make up Eros will help reduce inflammation, protect your skin against free radicals, fight against wrinkles + help ease hyperpigmentation and any discoloration

Carefully hand selected, all of the ingredients found in Eros will fight against acne, leaving your skin feeling refreshed + decongested without an over oily feeling once you’re finished moisturizing

Not every skin type can handle every essential oil - please go through the ingredients and see which ingredients align the most with your skin + its needs. Those with an essential oil sensitivity may gravitate to other

Face Melts as Eros does contain tougher oils meant to target alternative concerns, however they are still gentle enough for a babies butt

⭐︎ The NEW stars of the show ⭐︎ 

Unrefined Shea Butter, Black Seed Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Blueberry Seed Oil, 100% Pure Vitamin E, Frankincense Oil, Cypress Oil

please read through all ingredients carefully to ensure you have no prior known allergies, if you are unsure please contact your doctor 

⭐︎ How to apply ⭐︎ 

Apply on dry or damp skin freshly washed skin with clean hands. Our Face Melt is meant to act as a moisturizer in your routine - use prior to SPF. You may feel free to spot treat underneath, however there is no need to apply any other moisturizer as Eros will supply all of the moisture you need

You may apply Eros both AM & PM, it's never a bad time to hydrate & nurture your skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jeislynn Ozuna
Smells and feels amazing

I love Eros. I have had some very hard to remove scars on my cheek and not only is my skin clearing up but with the combination of eros and law of attraction oil its giving: radiant.

maritza campos
Amazing for Oily/Acne Skin

Loving it! Hubby & I have been using it after washing with Pure. We both have oily skin. I have lots of acne. It’s leaving our skin absolutely fabulous! ☺️

Linnette Bernardino



I used to use After Dark (gave it to my sis, she loves it!) but then I got Eros because it's specifically for oily skin. It's been working pretty well and my face feels moisturized after using it :)

Brenda Jima