Skincare can be filled with so many different options and your skin is constantly changing - how do you ever come to the perfect conclusion of what your skin needs? The truth is, that will change from time to time too. There's nothing wrong with changing it up and listening to what your skin needs. Our gentle face washes are formulated to align with your skins needs and properly tend to them throughout the seasons + changes you go through. Every time you feel as though your skin changes, think about what it may need and keep that in mind when coming back to this list. 


Dry skin occurs when your skin loses its natural oils and moisture. Super Hy contains ingredients such as squalane oil, which traps water into your cells. Super Hy not only delivers this moisture and hydration back to your skin, it makes such that it is locked in. How do you know if you have dry skin?

  • Rough or scaly skin: Dry skin can feel rough, scaly, or even cracked, especially in areas that are frequently exposed to the elements like the hands, feet, elbows, and knees
  • Itching or flaking: Dry skin can be itchy and uncomfortable, and may also cause flaking or peeling of the skin.

If your face feels itchy and tight, you are experiencing dry skin. After you wash your face, your skin should feel restored - not stripped away.

  • Chronic dry skin can contribute to the development of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the face and other areas that are frequently exposed to the sun or other environmental factors
  • Dullness or discoloration: Dry skin can also cause the skin to appear dull, lackluster, or discolored, especially if the condition is not properly treated

Super Hy contains ingredients what will nourish your skin and repair your skin barrier + tend to various skin concerns such as acne and hyperpigmentation - all the while ensuring your skin does not feel tight and dry. 

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Oily skin is a skin type that is characterized by excessive oil production by the sebaceous glands in the skin. Sebum, an oily substance produced by these glands, helps to keep the skin hydrated and protected, but when too much is produced, it can lead to a range of skin problems. People with oily skin often have visible pores, and their skin may appear shiny or greasy, especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) area. It is a common misconception that those with oily skin should stay away from not only a foaming face washes, but oil in general. We're here to tell you they're wrong, while a foaming face wash can imply that it contains products that will strip your skin of their natural oils, our face washes are formulated with pure Castile soap and do not contain any foaming agents. Your oily skin needs oil to thrive, everything needs balance. You can't fully strip your skin of the oil it needs, or else it will be working overtime to produce more - leaving you in a cycle of never ending oily skin. Here are some ways to know you have oily skin:

  • Large or clogged pores: Oily skin can cause pores to become enlarged or clogged with excess sebum and dead skin cells
  • Skin texture: Oily skin can sometimes feel thick or heavy, and may have a coarse or bumpy texture
  • Makeup doesn't last: Makeup may appear to "slide off" or not last as long on oily skin. On dry skin, it might seem flaky
  • Shiny appearance: Oily skin can have a shiny or greasy appearance, especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) area
  • Skin may be prone to developing milia, which are small white bumps that form on the skin

Juicy contains oils that cleanse your pores from excess dirt + oil, while keeping your skin balanced and thriving. Our goal is not to get rid of all the oil on your skin, it is to provide it with the nutrients it needs to be able to go through the cycles it needs to, properly. By cleansing your pores, it allows for less congestion and less oil + bacteria to build up in your pores, causing more oiliness. When people tell me they can't use oil on their skin, I often wonder if they are properly cleansing + exfoliating. Your face wash should not be creating a layer on your skin, it should dig deep to get rid of everything that is not allowing your skin to naturally thrive. Your face wash is more than likely not getting rid of what it should be, to allow you to apply oil to your skin. Furthermore, oil cleansing is a great tip for those with oily skin. While applying more oil can sound scary, when done right the oil cleanser will stick to the oil on your skin and get rid of excess oil. 

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I don't like the term normal skin even though that is what it is typically referred to. Normal makes it seem like anything else is... well, not. Every skin type is normal, because our skin is simply responding to natural factors.  However, if your skin tends to just have normal reactions, sometimes may be dry, oily, or you don't experience any symptoms of irregular skin concerns, Pure is your holy grail.

Pure contains willow bark instead of witch hazel, which you will often hear is great for cleansing skin + getting rid of acne. Witch hazel however, will dry your skin out over time leading to premature wrinkles and irritation. Willow Bark works beautifully in Pure because it prevents + fights acne & blemishes, while getting rid of excess oil. This is the perfect well rounded face wash for everyone. 

The versatile skincare solution, Pure, is suitable for all skin types. Boasting its unique capability to regenerate skin cells, it can effectively regulate sebum production for oily skin. Meanwhile, for those with dry skin, it features highly hydrating properties that are sure to work wonders. Pure's carefully selected ingredients are specifically designed to help your skin restore its natural moisture barrier and enhance its ability to absorb both water and oil.

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You can absolutely interchange our 3 face washes as you see fit, or simply stick to your favorite. If you need help creating a skincare routine, take the quiz on our website! 

We hope this took some of the guess work out of picking your face wash, if you still need help - reach out to us!

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