After Dark Face Melt™


Mending as it melts, our famous After Dark Face Melt™ is described as "magic in a jar"

More than just a moisturizer, After Dark is a natural remedy for all of your skin concerns. We wanted a moisturizer that nourishes your skin while locking in hydration and keeping your skin silky soft. This is a glow you've never experienced before.

After Dark was specifically formulated with sensitive, acne prone skin in mind. However, the ingredients used will benefit all skin types + needs. Even if you do not experience any particular skin concerns, this moisturizer will work to provide you with healthy, radiant skin.



unrefined shea nut butter, nigella sativa (black) seed oil, vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil, tocopherol t50 (vitamin E), eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 413 reviews

Where do I start 😍 after only a week I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin. I’ve been using this face melt every night and already My pores are smaller my makeup is less oily during the day, my acne scars are fading, my skin is brighter and has never looked so healthy. I’m literally glowing because of this amazing natural product I will never use anything else on my face !! I’ve tried more moisturizers than I can count to help my skin issues and acne scars but nothing has worked for me like this product . The best part about this product is that every ingredient is organic 😍 love love love 10 stars ✨

Jasmine Rivera
A Fave.

This is my everyday go to moisturizer been using it since it came out and I’ve never looked back

Ana Castro
Love this

Leaves my face so refreshed and looking glowy. Feels so good. I have sensitive skin, has not broken me out. Ive used this for over a year now. Works great alone or under makeup.

Angel Alcivar

I was struggling to find products to help my acne. My friend recommended the face melt and I haven’t used anything other since. My skin and I love it😍

Bri Ayzenberg
Made me break out

I have sensitive skin that is prone to mild acne. I read such amazing reviews about this product that I was very excited to get it! I used it at night and the first thing I noticed is that it made my face look VERY oily and slick. It also didn’t absorb into the skin very well and my pillow was covered. Nonetheless I kept using it and now after about 4 days I have broken out way worse than I have in YEARS from this. Very weird and I don’t see how this could help acne is it caused mine :( maybe it will work for you but if you are looking for a holy grail moisturizer I don’t think this is it sadly. I noticed there weren’t any bad reviews which is odd so hopefully mine helps someone!

Hi! We are so sorry to hear it didn't suit your skin. We recommend making sure it aligns with the ingredients in other products you may be using + ensure you are exfoliating properly & throughly cleansing your face from any leftover product which may layer on, causing a breakout since it is an oil & butter based product. We also recommend a small amount as a little goes a long way, your pillow should not have been covered. Hopefully you have a better experience with another product of ours!

To ease your breakout, I would exfoliate and allow your skin time to relax from the said product. Going forward, we always encourage customers to try a product on their wrist or by their ear to make sure there will be no reaction. Try a dime sized amount next time, & if not pass the product on to someone whose skin it may align with so it does not go to waste!❤️