Hey Steli Stars! Have you tried using our dry exfoliator Ex Glo as a mask? We'll walk you through a step by step - let us know how your experience goes!

First, you're going to need Ex Glo, of course! Check it out and purchase if you haven't already, you won't regret it. This dry exfoliator is non abrasive, gentle and suitable for all skin types. I formulated it with sensitive skin in mind. One of my biggest issues (besides acne + congestion) was always flaky, discolored skin around my chin + nose area! My skin was never even toned, my inflammation never went away. Until I formulated my own products that is. This exfoliator is everything that my sensitive skin was craving. Formulated with oats, it calms my skin down while digging deep to remove impurities

I like to pick the oil I use depending on what my skin needs at the moment. That's the most important thing above all - listen to your skin! Leave your mask on for as little or as long as you feel your skin desires. No harm can come from allowing your skin to take in all of the ingredients' benefits & properties. One of my favorite oils to use is carrot oil to mend any scarring, blemishes and allow my skin to soak up the moisture it needs! What is your favorite way of mixing it? Some people also mix it in with our oil cleanser Law Of Attraction after they finish oil cleansing - or just because they love the oils in it so much! 

Exfoliating should be a staple in your routine. Dead skin cell build up causes acne! Your skin is not able to properly go through its phases when it's being held back by skin cells that just remain stuck on your face. Their time is up - they have got to go! Let Ex Glo get them out of here so that your skin can continue glowing at its best. Ex Glo makes me feel like I've got brand new skin with each use. You should be exfoliating no more than 2-3 times a week. While it is crucial you do so, it is also just as important to make sure you do not over do it. We'll go over that in another blog post - be sure to keep up with our posts to not miss anything important! 

One of the many amazing things about natural products is their versatility, something that you can use to simply exfoliate now doubles as a mask! I hope you have fun creating it - remember to send me pictures and let me know how your skin feels! Simply tag #skinbysteli or @stelicosmetics on instagram. 

Until next time, Steli fam! 



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