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So satisfying

First time trying an oil cleanser and I love this one. Saw Tina recommend mixing this with the Ex Glo Dry Exfoliator to make a mask and it is such a satisfying, effective combo. Using the oil allows me a gentler exfoliation routine.

I have super sensitive, dry skin with reoccurring eczema breakouts so I'm really careful about what I put on my skin. Pleased to say that my skin loves all Steli products - especially when you use them together. Check their IG for awesome tips on diff skin types and routines.

Note: I exfoliate just once/week due to my sensitive skin!

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My Favorite!

Absolutely love this oil cleanser. My skin has never felt so soft or looked better. Takes off my makeup with zero problems and smells so good. Truly a must have product!

Liliana Hernandez
Must have!

So happy I ordered this oil cleansing this is my second bottle. I love it especially when I take off my makeup. Helps with scars & brightens up your skin.

maritza campos
Bright & Healthy

Oil cleansing has helped brighten and bring back some life into my skin! So happy I finally tried it….it’s helping clear up my skin from scars & acne!

Jeislynn Ozuna

I have never tried oil cleansing but I really like this as an alternative its also helpful if you combine massaging your face so it gets blood circulating. Qi Gong meditation has wonderful face and neck videos (youtube) and this is the perfect oil to cleanse and massage your face, making skincare a ritual.