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Law Of Attraction

Pore Refining Oil Cleanser 

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oil cleansing is the ideal face cleanser for all skin types that will not strip your skin of its natural oils, while removing excess buildup. this method will help maintain your skins balanced pH level. each unique ingredient in Law Of Attraction was carefully chosen to work in perfect harmony to tend to specific skin concerns. Law Of Attraction is suitable for all skin types, as its main focus is to detox, rejuvenate & rid your skin of excess oil + bacteria

start with dry skin and pump / squeeze your desired amount in the palm of your hand. refrain from placing the dropper directly on your skin to prevent bacteria from spreading

it is ideal that you start with dry skin as oil absorbs + attracts oil, the longer you oil cleanse the more you will see oil plugs come out & the more you will be able to feed your skin with the amazing nutrients each ingredient provides. use this time to massage your skin, stimulate blood flow, & ease up built up tension

this is skin food - allow your skin to experience each ingredient individually and reap its amazing benefits to the fullest extent - allow yourself to experience a moment of self love as you nourish each cell

recommended for both am + pm use, depending on how your skin feels. listen to your skin and you decide! use Law Of Attraction in the am if you wake up with your skin feeling dull and particularly congested. we recommend to use Law Of Attraction at night followed up with a gentle cleanser as this will further remove the outermost layers, fully renewing + refreshing your skin. paired with Law Of Attraction, even the deepest layers of your skin are tended to. oil cleansers will penetrate deep into the innermost layers of the skin in order to hydrate + restore

your skin is not exposed to the same environmental conditions while you sleep at night as it may be during the day, allow your skin to recuperate and mend itself overnight as it prepares for the new day. in the am, you can simply cleanse your skin with your normal every day cleanser such as Pure. if you find that your skin may need solely oil cleansing for the time being, you may do as you see fit! simply ensure that you are allowing your skin to go through its detox cycle by exfoliating on a weekly basis + removing the oil with a damp gentle cloth after each use if you find the need to do so (it will help cleanse the outer layer of your skin better than just using your hands if you are not double cleansing at the moment)

although you can’t make your pores disappear, Law Of Attraction may make you second guess that. it may also show you that all you really need is to cleanse, detox, firm + uplift your skin! the real glow comes from within. all of the ingredients in Law Of Attraction contain properties which promote collagen production, fight free radicals + protect against sun damage, rid your skin of bacteria & balance your skins natural oil production

the stellar ingredients:

 Squalane Oil

  • restores + locks in hydration
  • contains anti inflammatory properties, suitable for sensitive + acne prone skin types
  • helps with hyperpigmentation + discoloration

the human body produces its own version of squalane called squalene. squalane traps moisture into our skin, as it binds with water. it is a natural lipid your body produces to lubricate and protect your skin

 Marula Oil

  • contains 8 times more vitamin c than oranges
  • promotes cell turnover, aids in healing scars
  • Intense skin penetrating hydration
  • packed with vitamin E, antioxidants, amino acids + fatty acids
  • easy absorbable, suitable for oily skin

Marula oil has been traditionally used by the Tsonga people of South Africa and Mozambique for centuries as a healing remedy to restore and hydrate their skin & hair during dry seasons. Every part of this tree has been used by indigenous people for thousands of years.

 Pumpkin Oil

  • anti inflammatory
  • contains zinc + potassium
  • firms + uplifts your skin to prevent sagging
  • helps skin retain elasticity
  • promotes collagen production

a key component in refining your pores as it will work to firm your skin after you have detoxed all the excess dirt + oil out

 Camellia Oil

“Japans most valued hidden secret to ageless beauty”

  • emollient, traps water in your skin
  • prevents the formation of wrinkles + fine lines
  • packed with antioxidants, including omega 3, 6 + 9 fatty acids, plant collagen & squalane
  • reduces inflammation

all of these ingredients will work in perfect harmony to deeply penetrate your skin in order to nourish + hydrate, while also cleansing & bringing out all impurities that do not allow your skin to function to its best abilities. it is important that you allow your skin to breathe, and rid itself of everything that it may be holding in. allow your skin to let go of everything that may be holding it back from its full potential, using Law Of Attraction. this oil cleansing method will leave your skin restored, mended + hydrated.

It is recommended that those with nut allergies do a spot test prior to trying this oil cleanser. please read through the ingredients and ensure they are suitable for your skins needs!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Liliana Hernandez
Must have!

So happy I ordered this oil cleansing this is my second bottle. I love it especially when I take off my makeup. Helps with scars & brightens up your skin.

maritza campos
Bright & Healthy

Oil cleansing has helped brighten and bring back some life into my skin! So happy I finally tried it….it’s helping clear up my skin from scars & acne!

Jeislynn Ozuna

I have never tried oil cleansing but I really like this as an alternative its also helpful if you combine massaging your face so it gets blood circulating. Qi Gong meditation has wonderful face and neck videos (youtube) and this is the perfect oil to cleanse and massage your face, making skincare a ritual.

Must Have!!!

So glad I added this item to my skin care routine!!! Definitely see that my blackheads have cleared up. Love this!!!

Dorothy Qian
just bought my second bottle!

so excited for my second bottle, I will be sticking to this as my daily oil cleanser + makeup remover for long term. my face has never been so clear and I'm loving all the ingredients in this!