Sweet Lips Orange Lip Scrub


Orange Lip Scrub


Sweet Lips will target dryness, flakiness, discoloration, dullness + uneven texture 

Your new favorite essential to your self care routine is here - meet Sweet LipsExfoliating your lips is just as important as exfoliating your skin. Formulated to improve the overall feel + appearance of your lips by not only removing dead skin, Sweet Lips works to help your lips retain moisture due to its hydrating properties. Buff away flakes, bacteria and dry patches with our non abrasive lip scrub. Handmade with extra fine castor sugar, packed with vitamin C for a collagen boost & natural humectants to help bind water to your lips, Sweet Lips is sure to become a staple for your lips. The sweet orange smell alone will captivate you 🍊

Key Ingredients

Papaya enzymes

Not only will you get a gentle physical exfoliation with Sweet Lips, the natural enzymes will work to dig beneath the layers to naturally smooth away dead cells and brighten your lips! This ingredient is crucial to deeply exfoliate and mend lip discoloration

Orange peel powder

Vitamin C helps forms collagen + elastin, something your lips naturally lose with age. Don't worry though, that's no match for Sweet Lips. Orange peel powder naturally brightens your lips. It contains anti bacterial + exfoliating properties for extra clean buffing

Mango Butter

Packed with vitamin A, E, C + omega 6 & 9 fatty acids. Mango Butter is highly moisturizing & it stimulates a natural renewal process. Mango Butter provides Sweet Lips with a unique, thick consistency that you will adore


Also known as glycerine or glycerol - this natural humectant delivers moisture to your lips and allows them to retain it by locking in hydration. Your lips are unable to sweat or secrete oils, hence why it is so important to seal in hydration with the proper products such as - you guessed it, Sweet Lips

Sesame Oil

Potent antioxidant + anti inflammatory properties speed up healing time for cracked lips. Stimulates collagen production and penetrates deep to hydrate your lips due to its thick, nourishing nature 

Jojoba Oil

Forms a protective barrier over your lips due to its waxy nature. Imitates our skins natural oils which we know our lips lack yet desperately need. Rich in fatty acids + contains natural anti aging properties

Vitamin E

We use the purest form, tocopherol t-50! Vitamin E does it all, it helps combat the effects of free radicals and reduces UV damage. Our lips are very sensitive to the sun, so this is essential. Vitamin E treats lip discoloration and promotes cell turnover.

How to use:

On clean lips, scoop a small amount onto your finger and get to scrubbing + massaging those lips to get the blood flow going for a healthy, rejuvenated pout. Rinse off with a damp washcloth or simply using your fingers & water

Use 2-3 times a week as needed, be sure not to over exfoliate as the skin on your lips is very thin & sensitive. Over exfoliating may cause sensitivity

What's in Sweet Lips?

sucrose, papaya enzymes, (vegetable) glycerine, mango butter, sesame seed oil, jojoba oil, orange peel powder, vitamin E tocopherol t-50, sweet orange essential oil *food grade 

Sweet Lips contains food grade sweet orange oil, which is perfectly safe in case you find the product so delicious you "accidentally" consume it. However we do suggest you wash it off due to the papaya enzymes 

cruelty free + vegan as always

made with unrefined naturally derived organic ingredients  

Tip: Sweet Lips is a must have to prep your lips prior to applying other lip products as it will help your product apply with an even, silky finish

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Vera Saveljic
My little steli fav 😍

This makes your lips so soft & smooth. Kinda reminds me on the lush lip scrub cause it’s edible & so yummy too. but even better & all natural which I love!!

G Zorrilla
Awesome lip scrub !

Leaves your lips feeling super soft and smooth.


Every day my youngest two daughters are talking how they love this lip scrub. We are all using it now . It leaves lips fresh, smooth, shiny and it smells beautiful! I love that is completely natural and can’t harm even if young girls , kids are using it. We need more products like steli. Thank you so much!

maritza campos
Silky, Soft Lips!

Love the way it makes my lips feel! So smooth and silky! Tastes yummy, too!