2Tone Toner


pH balancing mist toner

Made with all skin types in mind

Balance creates a firm foundation. It is what centers and holds together everything on this Earth that works together in perfect harmony. Your skincare routine is no different. Steli Cosmetics strives to create a balance within yourself from the inside out with the use of 100% Natural ingredients

2Tone contains only 2 ingredients:

Rose Hydrosol + Aloe Water

The 2 sensational wonders that make up 2Tone

Our Rose Hydrosol is extracted from high quality roses to allow your skin to retain moisture, lock in the Aloe Water and start working its magic on your skin. 

You may notice little rose particles floating around. The residue, minerals and compounds left behind, are what allow the Rose Hydrosol to fight against wrinkles, discoloration, keep your skin hydrated and balanced

These 2 key ingredients will leave your skin refreshed, and most important of all: balanced. When your skin is balanced, it allows your products to work wonderfully together as each one will compliment the other. 

2Tone helps to lock in hydration, balance your skins pH level, mend discoloration, remove excess dirt + bacteria, and leave your skin feeling refreshed.


Graciously mist 2Tone all over your skin, you may feel free to use it on your body or hair as well to refresh and enjoy the floral smell. Use as often as you would like. Mist your skin after you wash your face and exfoliate. From that point on, you may apply it between each product or after moisturizing to seal the deal!

2Tone makes a great primer + setting spray for our Steli stars that love makeup! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I loveee this product so much. So refreshing 😍

Dana Busanic

I love love love 2tone ! It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed. I apply before and after using After Dark and also after applying make up as a setting spray! Love the versatility. Brought it to a girls vacay with me and all my friends loved it too. Buy it!!!

Nikhol Henderson
Can’t live without IT!

This stuff right here ! I love to use this morning and night to help balance my skins PH. Super refreshing and gentle enough for sensitive skin types such as myself ❤️

Great toner!

Such a great toner that gets absorbed right into your skin! My face feels so soft afterwards, that I just want to keep on spraying ☺️
And it smells like heaven!

Stephanie Pajares

2Tone Toner