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Back in the day I was a St. Ives girlie and let me tell you how soft my face would be after… that was only after sand papering my face off with that scrub. Ex Glo gives me such a silky and smooth, clean feeling after I’m done exfoliating. I love the scent too and just how soft the scrub is in my hands. Another one of my holy grails 🙏🏽

Liliana Hernandez
this is the only exfoliator I use.

I also use it as a mask. I honestly just love all the Steli products. Changed my skin for the better.

Lenise Acosta

Listen up here y’all, I received my package today let me tell you I haven’t even used the products yet and already I’m in complete shock on how much attention to detail and how much effort is put into every single order that comes through. The thought that was put into this brand down to the font to the colors to the clear and precise description of things to the way the labels on the bottle are to the biodegradable puffs (don’t know the name lol) to the freaking way it is set up in the box! I am blow the freak away! Seriously and it took me months to oder because I honestly didn’t know what my skin would like but Ill be back to give a true review once i use it! Steli cosmetics got it don’t care! Ok ok talk to to y’all soon!

Jeislynn Ozuna
Make it a mask

I love this exfoliator as a mask. My skin feels so refreshed and clear.

Hilka Mota

Ex-glo is the best exfoliator I have used. It strikes the perfect balance between really cleaning your skin without giving you that dry feeling clay masks usually give me. Love it!