Super Hy Face Wash


Super Hy 

Foaming face wash handmade with dry skin in mind

Beat harsh weather conditions, repair skin texture & even out discoloration with our antioxidant filled foaming face wash, Super Hy

100% natural face wash that feels like a gentle kiss to your skin, leaving you rejuvenated & glowing. infused with the power of plants to seal in hydration, mend + replenish. Super Hy will leave your skin feeling pampered, loved, and revitalized

Super Hy is non comedogenic - allowing your pores to breathe while keeping your skin nourished.  This unique formula provides your skin room to breathe, cleansing impurities from your pores while delivering unmatched moisture to your skin, nourishing your cells with gentle plant derived ingredients

Gentle enough to ease sensitive, inflamed skin & powerful enough to prevent signs of aging, restore mature + dry skin. Super Hy will mend while it rids your skin of toxins and build up, preventing acne and blemishes


100% aloe vera distilled liquid, castile soap, lavender hydrosol, tocopherol t50 vitamin E, rosehip oil, pomegranate seed oil, hemp oil, carrot seed oil, squalane oil, patchouli oil, chamomile oil


Shake, pump, & glo. Work SuperHy into your skin for at least 60 seconds in order to ensure your skin soaks up all the beneficial ingredients. Rinse your face when you're done. We recommend washing your skin in the morning & night.

250ml / 8oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steli you never disappointed me!

What an amazing face wash.
I run in between all the steli products. Even just some days I would use SUPERHy then another day i go to different steli face Wash. The best thing is that each one helps in their own way and never makes my skin irritated. So this is my tactic with steli face washes. I love to keep my skin fresh, glowing and even skin tone.
And let me tell you a secret, I use SUPERHy for my upper body as well. :)) Thank you steli.

Another amazing face wash by steli! :)

I love this face wash! It doesn’t leave my face dry or oily it’s just perfect and it helps balance my already oily skin works great for my break outs due to the mask “sigh” love the smell as well my face looks amazing after every wash i feel so rejuvenated it’s helping with my white heads as well I’m seeing them much less

Jeraline Hernandez
Amazing Products!

I purchased the Super Hy for both myself and my son. We have eczema and when i tell you this face wash has been amazing I’m not kidding. It doesn’t leave your face feeling tight like most other face washes do. This one legit moisturizes while you wash! It also has that super natural woodsy smell of patchouli makes you feel like only the best ingredients go into these products. I pair it with afterdark and our faces have never looked better. My son is going to be 80 still looking like an 8 year old lol. #foreveryoung 10 out of 10!

Valerie Bello
Super Hy

Wow! It is awesome. I have been searching for a face wash for my dry skin for a long time. Super Hy does the job! It doesn’t leave my face dry after using it and it’s great on my sensitive skin. My skin has not been irritating since using Super Hy.