Juicy Face Wash



Foaming face wash handcrafted with oily skin in mind

250 ml / 8oz

Bringing harmony and balance back into your life, one luxe face wash at a time

Packed with beneficial antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, anti-inflammatory + anti-microbial properties, Juicy is a gentle non comedogenic every day face wash suited for oily skin. Juicy will combat excess oil, prevent bacteria + oil build up, all while leaving your skin hydrated, refreshed + restored. Promote cell turnover and encourage new collagen production with a unique formulate featuring the #1 superfood for your skin - açaí oil

Properly rid your skin of the intrusive bacteria + dirt that accumulates throughout the day and seeps into your pores in order to restore balance. Juicy contains antiseptic properties which will cleanse deep within your pores, decreasing the look and feel of enlarged pores. Juicy features rosemary hydrosol - a natural astringent which will aid in the prevention of acne, tighten pores and reduce excess oil without drying your skin out. The rich linoleic acid content of kalahari melon seed oil will replenish your sebum's natural linoleic acid levels, making Juicy a perfect contestant for oily, acne prone skin

Juicy produces a luxe velvety smooth frothy lather, composed of fast absorbing oils to effortlessly bind into your skin & provide it the TLC it deserves. Simply shake, pump & glow. Juicy is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. Our goal is to restore balance - Juicy will not strip your skin of any oils that it needs to properly function, nor was it made with the intention to dry your skin out. Our foaming formula will not strip your skin of its natural oils as this is simply the state our wash comes out in, no added foaming agents are used


SHAKE, PUMP, GLO! shake your bottle, pump your desired amount into your hand (a little goes a long way, 1-2 pumps is fine) and massage into your skin for at least 60 seconds. suggested use is 2x a day, rising & night


100% aloe vera distilled liquid, olive oil derived castile soap, tocopherol t-50 vitamin E, rosemary hydrosol, kalahari melon seed oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, neem oil, grapeseed oil, açaí oil, grapefruit oil, bergamot oil

Customer Reviews

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Juan Ruiz
Men for skincare

As a man it isn’t taught that we should care for our skin but my girl put me on. It’s like my face drank water! My eczema been real quiet since Juicy dropped.

100% Recommend!!!

If you’re reading the reviews because your undecided to get this product. Well here it is GO AND PUT IT IN YOUR CART NOW!!! If it ain’t Stelicosmetics then idk what you doing.

I love it!

Jucy face wash helped my skin. It cleaned my pores and left skin each time fresh, glowing and let’s say younger , since I am 44 :) Thank you stelicosmetics. You are amazing.

She loved it !!!

I bought it for my fiancé and she loves it!
Definitely helped rejuvenate her skin and had her glowing.
100% recommended


Honestly it didn’t work out for my face. I stopped using it. It really tried it out. Everything is just not for everyone and that’s okay.

Hi! Oh no, we are so sorry to hear that! Maybe you'd consider giving Pure or SuperHY a try? Hope we have something that aligns with your needs in the future. Thanks for your feedback!