Steli's Secret Stuff Conditioning Beard Oil


Steli's Secret Stuff is a conditioning bear oil that delivers intense moisture to your bears and 

The secret is out - and Steli's about to spill the tea. Steli's Secret Stuff is a rich blend of concentrated, unrefined oils formulated to hydrate your beard from deep within your follicles

With a great beard comes great responsibilities - keeping it soft & nourished is definitely one of them! This moisturizing blend will have your fingers - or someone else's - gliding through your beard

Tip: Our products will work wherever they are applied as the ingredients will continue to do their job. That means you may feel free to apply Steli's Secret Stuff on the hair on your head if you would like extra conditioning 


Apply a few droplets to the desired area(s) while parting your hair - apply directly or on your hands. Massage the oil into your skin and beard for optimal results, make sure to get the root directly. Massaging the product in will stimulate blood flow


Sunflower Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E (T50- Tocopherols), Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil

Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat

1 oz / 30ml

Customer Reviews

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Morgan Neil
If you’re thinking about it, buy it!

I have had a horribly dry itchy scalp since a hairstylist recommended a clarifying treatment. After trying every possible cure I could find for 10 months, and chopping off my hair in desperation, Steli’s Secret Stuff was the first thing to actually help. After one use I noticed a big difference! And by use #3 the last ten months felt like they didn’t even exist.
I’ve never believed when people have said “one use and it was fixed” but here I am, because it’s that good.

Secret stuff rocks!

I started using it on my scalp, as I’ve noticed that my hair has been thinning out right where I part it! You just can’t go wrong with all natural ingredients! 🍀 Go Steil!


I love how it leaves my hair soft and conditioned. #obsessed

Jeremy Burgos

Steli's Secret Stuff

Hodan Mohamoud

Steli's Secret Stuff