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Smells amazing

Adriana Vassallo
Lumberjack has brought my mother's hair back to life!!

I have been using lumberjack since 2020 and I have experienced such a difference in my hair growth and strength. My mother on the other hand has experienced hair benefits from lumberjack that she did not think was possible. After being diagnosed with COVID-19 for the second time back in May 2021 she experienced an increase in hair loss. There were significant bald spots. She was beyond discouraged, she decided to start fresh and shave whatever hair she had left on her scalp. I encouraged her to use lumberjack because I thought, if you are going to start fresh, start with the best and most natural products. Fast-forward today and her hair is growing noticeably fast and thick!! She can not believe that not only are the bald spots gone but her hair is growing as thick as it was when she was in her early 20's! With all the products she has used she has never gotten results like this before. I swear by this product, thank you so much!

For my boyfriend

He loves it and enjoys the scent!

Sandy Lee
No more bald spots on his beard YALL!!!

So in all honesty I really didn’t think this was just (magic) in a bottle so I said ok at minimum he has a nice beard oil he can use but OMG after one month my husbands beard is starting to connect! The smell is very on the earthy, woody side he’s not a fan but I am!

Kiara Caminero

I’ve been using the face melt for about 2 weeks consistently and have noticed a huge change in my skin. It’s more hydrated, my acne scars have lightened up & my acne has subsided considerably even during my cycle which tends to be when my skin reacts the most. At first, I was concerned at how oily my face felt after immediate application but the way my skin soaked it upppp! *chefs kiss* . I will definitely be repurchasing, along with the pure wash & toner. Thank you!