Our ingredients cater to the most sensitive skin types. We created our Face Melts with all skin concerns in mind, we wanted our moisturizers to be your go to for more than just moisture. When we say the Face Melt does it all, we mean it. 

Here are 5 ways you can use your favorite moisturizer asides from keeping your face soft, glowing, healthy and blemish free (with all of that you wouldn't expect there to be more, but no surprise here, we create amazing products) 

1. Prep your skin for a smooth shave

Prevent ingrown hair and mend any cuts while providing intense hydration to your skin. Your silkiest, softest skin at your fingertips. Try this wherever you shave. Apply it afterwards as well to mend your skin and keep it moisturized! 

2. Melt away makeup!

You can do this by putting your desired Face Melt on your skin over your makeup to melt it away, as you would an oil cleanser. Use a damp gentle pad/cloth to wipe away excess makeup + mascara. Mascara is always stubborn for me, leaving my Face Melt on my lashes for a few moments and then rinsing it away with warm water always does the trick. Remember, you don't want to tug on your skin! Always be gentle 

3. Eczema relief

Our After Dark Face Melt in particular has been raved about when it comes to eczema relief. Apply it to itchy, dry, irritated skin to keep it calm and lock in moisture. 

*Be sure to spot test before you do this, because everyones skin is different and can react differently. Since you're here, I'll let you in on a secret. We've received so much lovely feedback in regards to clients dealing with eczema, we're working on a Face Melt solely for you ❤️

4. Heal a burn

Healing ingredients are our thing. Need we say more?

5. Keep flyaways at bay, style your hair, lay down your baby hair...

I love a good slick bun with my baby hair showing out. After Dark & Eros are both my go to's for this. My husband loves to style his curls with it, it leaves them so shiny, defined and soft.

The possibilities are truly endless. You've never seen a moisturizer so versatile, admit it. That's the beauty of natural products! 

Have you tried any of these methods? 

We are big on getting creative with our products because we believe in simple, non toxic, effective skincare + self care. We love making the most out of something and using it to its fullest capabilities.

Your products should be gentle yet powerful. What are some ways that you use your Face Melt? Let us know! 

Be sure to head over to our shop and check out our Face Melt collection. We're always here to chat and help you decide which one is best for you!

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